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The Vibra-Flex® II conveyor utilizes an efficient vibrated base frame design that delivers consistent sympathetic vibration to the pan through the springs.

Vibra-Flex® II Features:

  • Second-generation, excited-base shaker drive
  • High strength continuous unidirectional “E” epoxy laminate springs for long life
  • Economical, reliable, low-maintenance drive requires no lubrication*
  • Quiet operation
  • Isolated frame design
  • Radius bends inside trough for ease of cleaning
  • Overhead and underslung trough configurations
  • Straight, Z, or inclined base configurations to fit existing space restrictions
  • Stainless or mild steel construction

Available Options:

  • Single or multiple screens in various styles
  • Dewatering decks with collection hoppers
  • Laning and orienting decks
  • Discharge gates
  • Enclosures
  • Cooling or drying decks with air plenums
  • And many more

The low base to trough weight ratio allows these machines to be cost effective in all stainless steel construction. For more information contact Meyer today!

*Some larger drives require periodic lubrication.