magna weigh feeder

The Magna Weigh Feeder is a continuous in-line weighing vibratory feeder designed to feed and/or monitor products by weight.

Magna Weigh Features:

  • All stainless steel pan making this the best choice for sanitary weighing
  • Continuous weight control
  • Continuous weight monitoring
  • PLC controller with touch screen user interface
  • The electromagnetic drive system has fully epoxy encapsulated drive coils and powder coated armatures for wash down capability.
  • Ideal for blending lines with single or multiple products.
  • Controlled feed to coating and enrobing lines.
  • Variable to over 1000 cubic feet per hour.
  • Ranging from +0.25% -+2.0% depending on product and capacity required.
  • Load cell housed in SS scale base.

Design Advantages:

  • No belts to fray, tear, or crack.
  • No belts to track.
  • No return run as found with weigh belts.
  • No pulleys, shafts or bearings to harbor bacteria.
  • Easy to clean with smooth SS surfaces in all product contact zones.
  • Wash down rated.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Simple to calibrate.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • No moving parts.

It combines the simplicity and cleanliness of a vibratory feeder with the weighing capabilities of a weigh belt. Ideal for blending lines with single or multiple products. For more information contact Meyer today!