distribution system

Meyer Vibratory Distribution Systems ensure that product is available on demand at each discharge point (or station).

Floor or ceiling mounted, these systems consist of accurate, precisely controllable Meyer feeders teamed with our proven vibratory conveyors equipped with either gated or gateless discharge outlets. These distribution systems can be adapted to handle non-free and free-flowing products. A sanitary stainless steel design is provided for aseptic applications, or equipment can be supplied in economical mild steel.

Vibratory Distribution Features:

Increased Packaging Efficiency

Reducing fluctuations in product head load on scales increases packaging efficiency.

Reliable, Low Maintenance Design

Simple and efficient designs in the conveyor drive, gates or discharge feeder. Conveyors feature rigid steel frames for a combination of strength, low cost, reduced structural requirements and engergy utilization


Troughs feature radius corners and all-welded construction with no bolts or rivets to loosen or collect dirt and bacteria.

Discharge Options

Depending on the specific requirements of the application, Meyer equips its main line distribution conveyors with a choice of discharge options including pneumatic gates or gateless design.

Precise Control

For excellent feed control the scale feeders provide for instant start/stop to ensure quick and effective product delivery to the weigher.

Gentle Product Handling

Pitch angles are selected to deliver a gentle and efficient motion.

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