wash system

Wash Systems from Meyer provide innovative washing solutions for fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, and much more.

Meyer offers a full range of washing systems to meet different application needs. From the conventional hydro-wash flume to the multi-produce Polywash, we have a washing technology designed for your application.

  • The non-mechanical designs treat your products gently while removing sand, stone, floating wastes, and bacteria
  • Proven to be more effective in log reduction of bacteria with minimal or no chemical additives
  • Highly aggressive action on some models produce superior results unmatched by other systems
  • Designed for low maintenance and increased reliability
  • Total adjustment of water and air flow enables optimization for each type of product washed
  • Handles lightweight floating products as well as heavy, sinking products
  • Optional floating debris removal system eliminates small particles, insects, and other unwanted items
  • This is the most effective washing system on the market today for a wide variety of products

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