In-Process Storage System

inpreocess_smOur line includes In-Process Storage and Distribution Systems that allow for uninterrupted processing between packaging shifts and on-demand distribution to packaging lines. Continuous accumulation of product from processing allows for high-speed packaging. Designed for free-flowing and non free-flowing products, these systems decrease product damage while maximizing use of floor space over conventional bin-type storage.

The High Capacity Storage Systems are designed for large volume storage or for products with heavy bulk densities. The Low Capacity Storage Systems offer a cost effective solution for applications requiring low to medium capacity volumetric surge.

Features of the High Capacity Storage Systems include:

  • Heavy duty construction for the most demanding applications
  • No-leak positive tracking belt
  • Chain edge belt with tubular steel undercarriage
  • Sanitary design with leak-proof sidewall construction
  • Vulcanized 'V' guides combined with flexible side skirts
  • Wide selection of infeed and discharge systems
  • Gentle fill option with lowering shuttle belt infeed for fragile products
  • Storage capacities to over 95,000 pounds
  • Custom engineered for your specific application needs

Key features of Low Capacity Storage Systems include:

  • Hinged plastic belting for positive tracking
  • Leak-proof sidewall construction
  • Wide range of feed and discharge options
  • Custom engineered for your specific application needs
  • Mild or stainless steel construction

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In-Process Storage Literature
In-Process Storage Systems

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