Snack Food Solutions

snack_sm2For the Processing & Handling of Snack Food

Meyer Industries, Inc. is a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing food processing and material handling equipment. We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, customer satisfaction, cost and delivery while exceeding the customer’s expectations at every level.


snack_smMeyer’s experience with snack food systems and their specific handling problems is a culmination of years of proven solutions. Our extensive experience in this industry allows us to provide guidance on related issues. From a single piece of equipment to complete processing lines, Meyer provides innovative products and solutions to meet the needs of the snack food industry.


snack_scale-feed-distribution-systemSolutions (Partial List):

  • Gentle handling bucket elevators with multiple side or bottom discharges
  • In-process storage systems to ensure uninterrupted product deliver to packaging
  • Complete packaging line distribution
  • Complete mix blend lines
  • Screening conveyors for fines removal
  • Seasoning distribution feeders
  • Shuffle flow conveyors minimize seasoning shake-off
  • Bin/bulk box, dumping, filling and unloading
  • Scale feed conveyors with bowl discharge evenly distribute product to scale cone

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