Pouch Cooling System


The Meyer Waterfall Pouch Chiller technology utilizes a gentle waterfall effect to chill products in pouches. The system design allows for first-in/first-out processing. The gentle water action eliminates surface damage to the pouches found in most other systems. These systems can be supplied with ambient water, chilled water or a combination as required for the application.


Features of Pouch Chillers include:

  • High degree of control over chilling process through adjustment of time, temperature and water flow variables
  • Non-submersion and partial submersion styles available
  • Automatic indexing feed systems available to maintain pouch orientation
  • Single and multi-pass systems with powered transfers to maintain pouches in proper position
  • No damaging action to pouch surface
  • Custom designed systems for special applications
  • Full testing capabilities to ensure dwell times and equipment sizing.

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