Waterfall Hydrochillers

Hydro-Chilling Systems from Meyer are available for packaged and unpackaged product. These units can be used for chilling fresh produce, berries, shellfish and more as well as products in pouches.

Each system distributes 34° water evenly over the product as it passes underneath. These systems quickly cool temperatures to stop the cooking process, improve color and texture, and reduce energy requirements for freezing.

Features of Hydro Chillers include:

  • Gentle waterfall action effectively reduces product temperature
  • Chiller modules can be installed on the machine or remotely located
  • High-quality components include energy-efficient recirculation pumps and your choice of electric or hydraulic drive
  • Heavy-duty, all stainless steel USDA-approved construction.
  • Multi-pass systems available.
  • Excellent access for sanitation procedures
  • Optional digital time-in process meter, for tracking belt speed retention time to reduce the chance of improperly chilled products
  • Custom designed systems for special applications

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