Long Goods Pasta

pasta-SolutionsMeyer’s experience with Long Goods Pasta systems and their specific handling requirements is a culmination of years of proven solutions. From a single piece of equipment to complete processing lines, Meyer provides innovative products specifically designed to meet the needs of the Long Goods Pasta industry.

 Equipment available (Partial list):

  • Simplex Long Goods Bucket Elevators: 
    • Utilizing all the high quality features of our Simplex bucket elevator line.
    • Capacities up to 27,000 pounds per hour
    • High impact, injection molded plastic buckets with internal ribs for product release
    • Unique, all upright bucket travel
    • Sectional design for future length changes
    • Available in a variety of configurations
    • Multiple bottom discharge points for distritbution to packaging
    • Mild or stainless steel construction
  • Volumetric bucket loading stations. Single and dual
  • Turn and load stations
  • Discharge Cascades
  • Bulk Pack-off stations
  • Automated control systems

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